Skin Better Science Lines


Skin Better Science Lines

Skin Better Intensive Treatment LINES- Introducing the first of its kind no-needle solution to wrinkles: Intensive Treatment LINES. This non-invasive hyaluronic acid topical line filler is formulated with large injectable grade hyaluronic acid particles. Revolutionary and patented Interfuse technology delivers the hyaluronic acid deeper and faster to minimize the appearance of deep wrinkles and expression lines. Combined with messenger peptides to renew collagen and a trio of hyaluronic acids to bind water to the skin, this very targeted treatment is the first line of defense against expression lines.


Indications/Interactions peptides, sunscreen, wrinkles, antiaging, skin cancer, prevention, hyaluronic acid, patented, lines, filler

Skin Type: all

*Skin Care Concerns  anti-aging, cosmetic, reduce fine lines, wrinkles


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